Through the network The Social Few, I've been given the opportunity to write one article for Cap & Design and one blog post for the Zena blog in Resumé. The third article below I'm being interviewed by Cap & Design about The Social Fews and Zenas new graphic profile.  


Inclusive visual communication - in the slopes

I'm interviewing the founder of Systrar i bergen, Johanna Nygård about inclusive visual communication in the slopes. (The article is in swedish.) 


Looks are important - for medical aids

The exhibition Access + Ability at Cooper Hewitt i New York is gathered by Cara McCarty and Rochelle Steiners and aims at showing including and accessible design. I discusses how we can think inclusive when we’re designing together with the users. (The article is in swedish.) 


Inclusion for growth

The Social Few is a network that works with questions of inclusion for sustainable growth within marketing, communication and organisations.  This fall they got a new graphic profile. (The article is in swedish.)