About me 

My name is Hanna Nordenö. My last name is actually made up by my grandfathers father. Even he was a bit creative, I'm thankful! (Sidetrack, sorry!) 

I'm a curious visual designer from Norrland (northern Sweden) who loves to ski. My bachelor in Graphic design and communications has given me knowledge in concept development, branding and visual communication. At the moment I'm studying a Master's degree in Design-Visual Media at Linköpings University and freelancing. The programme has an interdisciplinary approach to design, tackling societal challenges. It has given me knowledge in co-design, service design, user experience, augmented reality and norm creativity.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any design inquiries or if you want to talk about skiing. If you're interested in my resume, just click on the button below. Let's talk soon!